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12 Week Boot Camp


The boot camp program is a dissertation mentorship retreat composed of 8- week and 12-week synchronous learning workshops. The workshops are designed for academic doctoral candidates and students pursuing either a Ph.D. or a Professional Doctorate (DBA, DIT, EdD, DSW, DrPH, DHA, DPA, PsyD, DNP) conducting a qualittaive, mixed-method, quantitative, or undecided study.



The dissertation boot camp program includes in-depth instructions in qualitative, quantitative, mixed-method research and workshop dedicated to helping students identify the most suitable methodological framework for their study. Workshop topics include APA, Academic writing, NVivo, SPSS, ATLasTi, Qualtrics, MADQX data analysis software management, library research, and information literacy workshops. The workshops complement your doctoral program but help accelerate the research and writing process by reducing 50% of your revision cycle. If you’re looking for additional editorial and peer SUPPORT, GUIDANCE, and ACCOUNTABILITY – the dissertation boot camp is perfect for you!


APA/Academic Writing, Research Methodology & Design, Library Research/Information Literacy, and Data Management Software (NVivo, SPSS, ATLASTi, MADQX) Skill Development for Post-Proposal stages ONLY.
What Dates Are Available?

Session #3: July 10, 2021 – September 25, 2021

Benefits Beyond Research and Writing Assistance:

Free editing submissions.
45-minute unlimited private bookings with our scholar team to discuss your study, challenges, and receive immediate feedback.
Academic recommendation letters from our scholar-practitioners for teaching positions.
Receive a 6-edge black velvet tam doctoral regalia as a program completion gift.
Hear LIVE inspirational messages from celebrity guest speakers such as Nakia Dillard, Brian Wilson, and much more…

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