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Program Description

The doctoral boot camp is an interactive online program consisting of workshops designed as external supports to academic doctoral candidates and students pursuing either a Ph.D. or a Professional Doctorate (DBA, DIT, EdD, DSW, DrPH, DHA, DPA, PsyD, DNP). The boot camp is ideal for doctoral candidates needing additional editorial and programmatic SUPPORT, GUIDANCE, and ACCOUNTABILITY while in a research review process.

Workshops and Special Topics Include But Not Limited To:

  • APA (What’s New in the 7th Edition)
  • How to maintain BALANCE between work, home, and writing your dissertation.
  • Strategies on how to avoid “WRITERS BURNOUT”.
  • Library Research and Information Literacy.
  • Learn strategies on how to create a solid literature review outline, organize, and write a literature review.
  • Build confidence and preparation for the oral defense.
  • How to get your research published in creditable peer-reviewed journals.
  • Project engagement, collaboration and research poster board scholar colloquia.
  • Learn efficient and comprehensible ways to analyze, structure, and present large amounts of data and information through NVIVO or SPSS and much more…

Who Can Enroll?

  • ANY FUTURE academic DOCTOR (candidate/student), no matter the discipline or research topic under investigation.

What Programs Are Available?

All boot camp workshops are designed to fit the life of a doctoral candidate, student, and working professional schedule. The doctoral boot camp program consists of TWO programs with workshops held on Saturdays ONLY.

    • APA, Research, and Scholarly Writing Skill Development Program designed for Pre-Proposal stages.
    • Candidates completing doctoral-level course work, premise, prospectus, capstone project, or section 1, or 2 of the dissertation or doctoral study.
    • APA, Research, Scholarly Writing, and Data Management Software Skill Development for Post-Proposal stages.
    • Candidates at the IRB stage, or currently working on section 3, 4, or 5, data collection, analysis, preparation defense, results of the dissertation or doctoral study.

What Dates/Sessions Are Available?

  • 8-Week Program:
    • Session #2: March 27, 2021 – May 15, 2021(CLOSED)
  • 12-Week Program:
    • Session #2: March 27, 2021 – June 12, 2021 (CLOSED)

Benefits Beyond Research and Writing Assistance:

  • Receive a 1-year FREE membership of 30% off any submission or programs.
  • Unlimited 1:1 private tutoring sessions with our seasoned scholar-practitioners.
  • Up to 8 Free editorial submissions throughout the duration of the enrolled program.
  • Hear LIVE inspirational messages from celebrity guest speakers such as Nakia Dillard, Brian Wilson and many more.
  • Participate in a LIVE scholar colloquia – virtual poster board presentation and much, much more..

How Do I Enroll?

STEP#1 of 3: SELECT your program of interest below.


Congratulations on enrolling in our doctoral boot camp! I am so proud of you! You have made the best decision to have employed a navigation system in the form of our support to help guide you along this journey to your destination – the commencement ceremony finish line!

I have the great privilege of greeting you as the CEO and President of Scholars Professional Editing Group LLC. As a former doctoral candidate, I genuinely understand the inescapable challenges, rigorousness, and intricacies associated with traveling through an academic doctoral program. I recall feelings of defeat hopelessness, and constant frustrations with the endless cycle of revisions, committee changes, ambiguous feedback, increasing student loan debt, and countless sleepless nights – while managing the demands of life, family, and work.

Out of the core of my frustrations and fears, joys, and challenges, I birthed a program combined with “scholarship and community.”

I am confident that our boot camp program S-4 model will:

  • -MOTIVATE and INSPIRE you with an UNSTOPPABLE determination to keep pushing to the finish line
  • -Fully equip you with the knowledge of how to write a scholarly and APPROVED project
  • -Help you to understand the underlying objective of the research and doctoral process
  • -Teach you strategies for reducing doctoral-level stress and being HAPPY throughout your doctoral journey
  • -Show you how to manage your data analysis software and render robust visual representation to support your defense presentation
  • -Build collegiality through peer to peer and peer to scholar-practitioner relationships

No doctoral student left behind! I am confident you will not regret enrolling in this program – All I ask is that if this program helped advance and moved you forward, to share this program with a friend. I look forward to escorting you to the finish line!


Our Team of Experts

Scholars Professional Editing Group LLC consists of a specialized team of academic doctors, statisticians, content experts, methodologists, consultants, university professors, and professional editors committed to helping Ph.D. and professional doctoral candidates succeed.